Round Cut

The round diamond cut is the most favored among diamond cuts, as it is crafted to enhance the diamond's inherent brilliance by reflecting the greatest amount of light, resulting in a timeless sparkle.

Round diamond rings are considered the epitome of diamond rings, with a circular center shape that is the most preferred. They are adaptable to various settings, such as a traditional setting or a contemporary engagement ring, and exude a stunning charm.


Princess Cut

Indulge every woman with a regal experience using the second most sought-after diamond shape. The diamond's square cut, sharp edges, and distinctive style combine to create a seamless blend of classic and contemporary jewelry.

Princess cut diamond rings are considered stylish, modern, and fashionable, and can effortlessly adapt to any setting style. The sharp lines and angles of the diamond produce a dazzling radiance from every perspective.


Radiant Cut

Offered in both a modern, elongated rectangular shape and a classic, understated square shape, the radiant cut diamond is characterized by its contemporary and opulent appearance. With its 70 facets, it produces a substantial amount of shine, making it the ideal choice for individuals who desire to stand out in a crowd with a vibrant rectangular diamond.

Make luxury a part of everyday life with a radiant diamond ring. Its distinctive shape showcases elongated and dazzling edges that attract attention in any setting style. As its name implies, a radiant ring truly lives up to its reputation.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamond features curved corners and generous facets that enhance the diamond's luminosity. It is also known as the "old mine cut" since it reflects light in a chunkier pattern than contemporary cuts, resulting in a timeless aesthetic.

Cushion cut diamond rings are celebrated for their vintage design, which embodies an old-world elegance. The pillow-shaped diamond with its soft edges is particularly well-suited for antique and art-deco styles of engagement rings, exuding an unmistakable charm.

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond offers great versatility and is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a more delicate and sophisticated appearance, regardless of whether they prefer a longer or wider diamond.

Oval diamond engagement rings are currently a popular trend and make a distinctive fashion statement. They possess the same level of brilliance as round diamond rings, but with an elongated and gracefully curved shape that creates the illusion of a larger table size.

Pear Shape

The pear-shaped diamond, also referred to as the "teardrop diamond", is distinguished by its soft and refined facets and lines, and is characterized by both a rounded and pointed end. It is an adaptable diamond shape that will never go out of style.

Pear-shaped diamond rings are versatile in wear, as they can be turned up or down to change one's appearance. This teardrop-shaped diamond is currently trending, especially when paired with a matching wedding band, offering even more options for style.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are elongated in shape, emphasizing their clarity and creating a timeless and popular trend for individuals seeking a more mature and sophisticated appearance with their jewelry.

An emerald cut engagement ring is both dramatic and distinct, with its elongated rectangular shape ideally suited for adding length to the ring finger. It is a stunning choice for a classic solitaire or contemporary setting.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond, also referred to as the "football shaped cut" or "little boat", is characterized by its pointed ends and oval shape. It is a cut that exudes ultimate elegance, and is ideal for individuals seeking to create the illusion of elongated hands.

Marquise cut diamond rings are renowned for their size and sparkle, as the elongated shape makes them appear larger. They have been a focus of timeless ring designs throughout history and continue to be a popular choice for engagement rings.